The all-around high-pressure rotary jet technology Greens environmental protection
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The all-around high-pressure rotary jet technology

The all-around high-pressure rotary jet spraying technology destroys the surrounding soil with
high-pressure jet cutting through the unique porous pipe and front end device of the equipment
and achieves the unified transportation of hardened material slurry by pressure, spraying,
cutting strata, mixing, mud discharging and centralized mud.
Using the entire online construction management system, automatic monitoring and controlling of construction parameters.
The all-around high-pressure jet spray technology is a narrow space, high torque.

Series of engineering process

The formation of modular, serialized construction technology, covering a variety of geological and construction conditions.
The construction chain is formed by pulping, spraying, to subsequent slurry and muddy water treatment.
Auxiliary flow, pressure data acquisition module to achieve the construction process controllable.

Integrated digital project management