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Perturbation of large pile diameter construction method(DJE method)

The DJE method is built through the unique porous pipe and the front end of the equipment,
and the high pressure jet cutting is used to destroy the surrounding soil
so that the hardened material slurry can be pressurized, transported, sprayed, cut into formation, mixed, draining mud and centralized slurry.
The DJE method effectively controls the formation of pressure inside the pipe by forcefully draining the mud
in the pipe and adjusting the amount of grout return, so that the shotcrete process can perturb the aurrounding environment.
Using the entire online construction management system, automatic monitoring and controlling of construction parameters.

Construction process:Lead hole →Placement host →Adjust attitude→Down drilling→Jet grouting→DJE drilling grouting→Pile

Perturbation of large pile diameter construction method(DJE method)

Maximum pile diameter is 4.2m
Stable pile quality, choosing the type of pile and pile diameter.
Special spray structure, forming a stable reinforcement.
The local pressure test with the hole forced back to pulp, perturbation to the surrounding environment.

Controllable drain valve

Internal pressure detection

Spray gas structure